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  Tuesday 8 May 2018 08:00 - 08:55 ODY 4 03

Seminar by Prof. Zeki Simsek, Clemson University

By Prof. Zeki Simsek, Clemson University

"The Influence of CEO Core Self-Evaluations on Firm Performance"

Abstract :
Despite growing interest in the role of executive confidence in firm outcomes, the question of whether and under what conditions a CEO’s level of core self-evaluations has an influence on firm performance remains unanswered. We argue that firms should benefit from having CEOs with high core self-evaluation (CSE), but only to the extent to which they have both the opportunity and the means to enact the behavioral manifestations of their level of CSE.  We then test the model using a longitudinal, mixed-methods design and dataset. Following a survey of CEOs in 2005, we tracked the performance of 172 firms across macroeconomic shifts in the Irish economy from 2006 through 2010. The findings show that CEO CSE is positively associated with firm performance under conditions of macroeconomic buoyancy and abundant slack, but not under conditions of the opportunity and resource scarcity. 

Organization College of Management of Technology


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