Sixth EAGE Shale Workshop


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Date and time 29.04.2019 01.05.2019  
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Bordeaux, France
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Five members from LMS participated to the Sixth EAGE Shale Workshop, which took place in Bordeaux, France from April 29th to May 1st. The event was very much a multi-disciplinary and multi-industry affair, covering a wide range of topics across geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, geophysics, reservoir engineering, etc. More than 70 representatives from academia, research institutes, as well as the nuclear, petroleum, and water industries attended to share most up-to-date advances in the field.

Research on shales at LMS made significant contributions by adding important geomechanical perspectives to the discussions. Dr. Alberto Minardi presented “Experimental Assessment of the Impact of Partial Saturation on the Mechanical Properties of Gas Shales”. Angelica Tottulomondo presented “On the Definition of an Effective Stress for Shales”. Eleonora Crisci presented a poster entitled “Impact of Mineralogical Composition on Geotechnical Properties of Opalinus Clay”. In addition, Dr. Alessio Ferrari chaired the sessions Modeling Shales ll, and Dr. Alberto Minardi chaired the session Shale Multiphysics ll.

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