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Date 01.06.2023
Category Call for proposal
SNSF Scientific exchange | funding for scientific events and visits

The SNSF programme Scientific Exchanges is aimed at researchers who want to:
  • Host their own scientific conference, workshop or meeting in Switzerland (scientific event) or, in justified cases, checked in advanced with the SNSF, abroad.
  • Invite their colleagues from abroad for a research visit to Switzerland or visit their colleagues in any another country (scientific visit). The visit must be of mutual added value and scientific benefit for both parties involved.
During the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond, the SNSF wishes to support virtual conferences and exchanges.

SNSF Scientific Exchanges allows also to invite researchers under threat (more info on Scholars at Risk @EPFL).

Who can apply: only 1 applicant
  • Employed by a Swiss research institution for the duration of the grant.
  • Work-time percentage may lie under 50%, but should not be lower than 20%.
  • For Scientific events only: PhD is NOT required. Researchers employed on an SNSF-funded project are eligible, though the event in question must not be directly linked to that project.
  • For Scientific visits only: both the host and the guest must hold a doctorate or 3 years of research work, and be in a position to carry out research projects under her/his own responsibility and to lead project staff both scientifically and as personnel. Researchers employed on an SNSF-funded project are NOT eligible.
  • Two exchanges can be submitted in parallel, provided that one is a visit and the other is an event. Please note that in such cases, two individual applications must be submitted, one for the visit and another for the event.
  • No more than one application of the same type (i.e. event or visit) can be funded per individual per year, i.e. there must be at least 12 months between the end of one exchange and the start of a new one of the same type.
  • Parallel SNSF funding: Scientific Exchanges can be applied for and run in parallel to other SNSF funding, but scientific overlaps must be avoided (i.e. if a visit or event is directly linked to another SNSF grant, it should be funded by this other SNSF grant).
  • Between CHF 2’500 and CHF 25’000.
  • Max. CHF 50’000 only if you apply for both types of grants in the same application.
Eligible costs for scientific events:
  • Travel expenses, food and board costs of participants from abroad provided they make a contribution (talk, poster, moderation, supervision of workshop, etc.).
  • In addition to the regular eligible costs, the SNSF now also accepts costs related to the organisation of online and hybrid events.
  • Replacements of SNSF-funded participants/keynote speakers must be communicated to the SNSF before the start of the event. Otherwise, their costs will not be eligible.
  • You can ask for child care costs (up to CHF 200 per day) for room, board and travel costs for children accompanying SNSF-funded participants/keynote speakers during the scientific event. Child care costs can be requested only for children up to the 4th year of primary school (see Annex 4 of the flexibility grants regulations, footnote at page 2).
  • Does NOT cover: speaker fees, conference fees and other costs related to the organisation of the conference (e.g. rental of venues, conference materials, deficit guarantee).
Eligible costs for scientific visits:
  • Travel (actual costs) and living costs (flat rate).
  • You can now ask for child care costs* (up to CHF 1’000 per month) for room, board and travel costs for children accompanying the visitor.
  • For Scientific events: 3 months (the duration of the actual scientific event must be between 1 and 5 days. However, the duration of the grant must be 3 months, with the starting date set on the first day of the month preceding the event and the end date on the last day of the month following the event).
  • For Scientific visits: 1-6 months.
Rolling call: apply at least 4 months, but no more than 18 months before the start of the event or visit.
Decision after usually 2-2.5 months.

For further information, please have a look at the Call webpage, Regulations and Guidelines.

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