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Date 08.06.2023
Hour 17:0018:00
Speaker Karen Burnham is a Principal Scientist at Electro Magnetic Applications in Denver, CO.  She is an iNARTE certified EMC engineer with experience in both the aerospace/defense and automotive industries.  At NASA JSC, she worked on the Orion spacecraft and pyrotechnic systems.  She was able to work on the Dream Chaser spacecraft and the F-35 fighter jet.  She spent several years working at Ford Motor Company on traditional vehicles like the Ford Edge and Lincoln Continental as well as on their line of electric hybrid vehicles such as the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.  Ms. Burnham is a member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors where she serves as Assistant Vice President of Standards.  She holds a BS degree in Physics from Northern Arizona University and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Houston.
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SDR hardware can now be purchased easily for under $30 USD and SDR software packages are available free for any platform you like. Low cost SDRs can be a useful troubleshooting tool for the practicing EMC engineer.  In this talk, Ms. Burnham will demonstrate some of the handy capabilities of a low cost SDR system, from determining relative signal strengths to characterizing noise or interfering signals. 

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EMC SDR Electromagnetic Interference

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