Call for proposal

  Tuesday 31 July 2018

[Swiss Cancer League - Outgoing PostDoc in medical oncology | Mobility funding]

The Swiss Cancer League and the Swiss Cancer Research foundation present a bursary programme to secure high level research in clinical oncology in Switzerland by offering young investigators the possibility to visit a leading research centre abroad in order to acquire and return with advanced training and further education. The applicant must be implicated in medical oncology. Basic research is not supported.
Eligibility criteria

  • Swiss nationality or non-Swiss applicants currently employed by a Swiss research institution.
  • The applicant must submit a confirmation from the supporting institute and a letter from the future employer in Switzerland.
  • The amount of the bursary is governed by the rules established by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF Regulations and SNSF Salary scales). Bursaries are meant to cover salary costs and travel costs to the working place mainly, additional expenses will only be provided in well-documented cases.
  • A third year of postdoc (bursary) time will not be supported, even if the two years prior were financed by another source.
  • Up to CHF 3’000 per publication can be claimed for open access, choosing between the Green or the Gold Road, the Hybrid Road is not supported.
Duration: up to 2 years
  1. Create your account on the online portal at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.
  2. : 31 January and 31 July (23:59 Swiss local time) via the online portal.
  3. Finally, mail one signed hardcopy of the online generated application to within 3 working days after the deadline.
For further information and the evaluation criteria, have a look at the Information Sheet and General Guidelines. Please contact the Research Office if you have any question.

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