Call for proposal

  Monday 2 April 2018

[Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society | Research Grants]

The MS Society supports research in the field of multiple sclerosis (MS) to improve understanding of the causes and development of the disease, to further develop treatment options, and to improve quality of life for people with MS and their families. Have a look at the keywords listed on pages 4-5 of the application form for more information on the eligible projects. Note that projects related to the keyword «Quality of Life» are highly encouraged. Grantees will have the opportunity to use data or samples from the Swiss MS Registry and the Swiss MS Cohort Study.
The Grant provides:

  • kick-start funding for new researchers or new projects;
  • pilot funding for established researchers or
  • additional financing that would make a significant contribution to the success of the project.
Who can apply:
  • The PI must be at least a Junior Group Leader (young researchers are particularly encouraged).
    • Exception: junior postdoctoral researchers moving into a lab in Switzerland if the Head of their lab confirms support to the project and availability of the necessary infrastructure/consumables.
  • The PI must be established in Switzerland.
    • Exception: post-doctoral fellows from Swiss-established laboratories who plan to come back to Switzerland after gaining experience in a foreign country.

Funding & Duration: up to CHF 100’000 for 1 year (renewable for 2 years)
  • Eligible costs: Personnel (excluding the PI, unless he/she is a junior postdoctoral researcher), Consumables, Travel (only if necessary for the project e.g. to learn a technique – no travel costs to meetings), Publication costs (only if open access, according to SNSF guidelines).
  • Ineligible costs: Meeting costs, Overheads, Equipment and Infrastructure, General Travel and Publication costs.

Deadline: 2 April 2018 (every year)
Decision: August 2018
Start of the Grant: 1 September 2018 (estimate)
Application & Evaluation:
  1. For the short statement confirming that EPFL does not engage in competing fundraising (compulsory), contact
  2. Fill out the Application Form following the call Guidelines.
  3. Prepare a Lay Summary of your project (up to 400 words) using the template available in French, German or Italian.
  4. Annexes:
    • The PI’s CV and publications.
    • Support Letter from the Head of the Lab (for junior postdoctoral researchers).
    • Ethical authorizations or animal permits.
  5. Submit your application by 2 April 2018 to
  6. Your grant application will be evaluated by a commission of the Scientific Advisory Board and by three international experts and given a score from 3 to 6. Based on this score, the commission will decide if and to which amount your project can be funded. The Board of the MS Society will make the final decision in August 2018.
For more information and application: Please have a look at the call website.


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