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Date 29.05.2024
Category Call for proposal

Target ALS is a medical research foundation committed to the search for effective treatments for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Target ALS funds investigators who collaborate across scientific disciplines and research constituencies to drive medical breakthroughs for the treatment of ALS.

As new therapeutics have begun moving the needle for ALS patients, tracking disease progression and monitoring the effects of drug treatment have become even more important. Biomarkers are needed to stratify patient populations, understand response to therapeutics, and quantify disease progression. The foundation is soliciting proposals from collaborative groups focused on the discovery and development of novel disease progression and stratification biomarkers using any modality.

Although all groups studying disease progression biomarkers are eligible to apply, Target ALS is particularly interested in supporting projects that propose the study of:

  • Cryptic exons and cryptic exon-related biomarkers
  • Biomarkers with utility in ongoing or upcoming therapeutic trials
  • Biomarkers for patient population stratification for specific therapeutics (e.g. presence of specific cryptic exons, cognitive involvement, ALS/FTD spectrum)

Confidentiality of investigator’s data, research, and intellectual property will be strictly honored.  Target ALS does not seek ownership of any intellectual property or financial gains that result on the basis of its funding.

Funding:   $130,000 per lab per year
                    (not to exceed a total of $500K / year)

Duration:   24 months
                     (possible 12 months in addition based on progress)

Eligibility: Only collaborative projects will be considered; collaborative projects for this call comprise groups of 3-5 laboratories working around a common research theme or target. Each consortium should have at least one investigator from the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

How to Apply: The two-step application process begins with a Letter of Intent. The letter of intent can be filled in directly on the application portal, with three questions to be answered (see below for the list of questions). Select applicants will be notified in July 2024 and invited to submit a full proposal. At the full proposal stage, a detailed budget is required. Budgets can include researcher salaries and fringe benefits, materials and consumables, equipment, and overhead of 15%.

Deadline, LOI:                       29 May 2024
Deadline, Full Proposal:     21 August 2024

Further information
  • More information about the program is available here
  • The application portal can be found here
  • For any other questions, please contact the Research Office

Letter of Intent Questions
  • Clearly identify the scientists involved with a short paragraph about the expected contribution of each individual. (up to 250 words)
  • Define a set of scientific objectives (specific aims) with explicit milestones. (up to 625 words)
Describe how the project will focus on understanding fundamental biology of the disease to help uncover the next wave of therapeutic targets for sporadic ALS. (up to 125 words)

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