The SV Band: Live in Concert March 23


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Date 23.03.2023
Hour 19:3021:30
Category Cultural events
Event Language French, English

Come enjoy a memorable evening of live music performed by 25+ of your SV colleagues.

Entrance is free but space are limited and REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY.

Register here now before it's too late !

Alex Lederer - BMI
Alexandre Widmer -CPG
Alice Emery-Goodman - SV-GE
Allison Burns - SV-BICC
Anne Liu - BMI
Arne Seitz - BIOP
Asya Dolgikh - GHI
Coralie Busso - ISREC
Daniel Constam - ISREC
Dario Gordillo Lopez - BMI
Emilie Gesina - CPG
Felix Naef - IBI
Gabriele Gambardella - IBI
Heather Murray - BMI/IBI
Laurence Mauro - SV-DO
Lucille Delisle - ISREC
Maria Clapés Cabrer - SUN-BIOSC
Marie Pierron - ISREC
Matthias Durrieu - BMI
Pavan Ramdya - BMI
Pierre-Emmanuel Thiriet - IBI
Simone Astori - BMI
Sophie Barret - SV-GE
Tanes  Imamura de Lima - IBI
Thomas Simonet - GHI
Till Ryser - IBI/BMI

Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required


  • Heather Murray - SV Band Director


  • Heather Murray


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