Virtual MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: Elastic amplification of the Rayleigh–Taylor instability in solidifying melts


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Date and time 20.05.2021 16:1517:30  
Place and room Passcode: 174387
Speaker Etienne Jambon-Puillet (LElab, Princeton University)
Category Conferences - Seminars
Abstract The concomitant deformation and solidification of melts are relevant to a broad range of phenomena. Examples include glass blowing, the preparation of cotton candy, or the atomization of metals. Usually, solid-like deformations during solidification are neglected as the melt is much more malleable in its initial liquid-like form. Here we demonstrate how elastic deformations in the midst of solidification, i.e., while the melt responds as a very soft solid (G~100 Pa), can lead to the formation of previously unknown periodic structures. Namely, we generate an array of droplets on a thin layer of liquid elastomer using the Rayleigh–Taylor instability. Then, as the melt cures, we stretch the drops into hairs which eventually hardens, permanently “freezing” these elastic deformations into a patterned solid. Using experiments, simulation, and theory, we demonstrate that the formation of our two-step patterns can be rationalized when combining the tools from fluid mechanics, elasticity, and statistics.

Bio Etienne Jambon-Puillet is a postdoc in P.T. Brun's liquid & elasticity laboratory in Princeton University where he studies the mechanics of fluid interfaces and slender structures. Prior to that, Etienne got his PhD from Sorbonne Université working on the mechanical properties of dense assemblies of floating particles under the supervision of Suzie Protière and then on wetting and evaporation during his first postodc at the University of Amsterdam with Daniel Bonn.

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