Virtual MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: Load transmission along an elastic rod in frictional contact with a rigid cylinder


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Date and time 25.02.2021 16:1517:30  
Place and room Passcode: 174387
Speaker Paul Grandgeorge (fleXLab, EPFL)
Category Conferences - Seminars
Abstract: The Euler-Eytelwein equation for the classic capstan problem is often used to model the mechanics of entangled filaments in frictional contact, such as in the cases of ropes wound around poles or belts driven by pulleys. This modeling framework predicts an exponential tension growth along a filament of vanishing thickness and zero bending stiffness, in frictional contact with a rigid cylinder. However, in many physical settings, the sliding filament is neither infinitely thin nor perfectly flexible, thus violating the capstan equation’s underlying assumptions. In my talk, I will present an enhanced capstan model based on Kirchhoff-rod theory, which considers both the thickness and elasticity of the sliding filament. Contrary to existing adaptations of the capstan equation, we assume that the extent of the contact region between the filament and the rigid cylinder is unknown a priori. Our results highlight the role of elasticity in setting the contact geometry. In turn, this nontrivial geometry strongly influences the force transmission along the sliding filament. Specifically, we investigate custom-made elastomeric rods, as well as engineering driving belts. Throughout, we validate our modeling assumptions through a combination of FEM and precision model experiments.

Bio: Paul Grandgeorge obtained his BSc and MSc in mechanical engineering at EPFL. He then performed a Ph.D. at Sorbonne Université, at the d'Alembert Institute (Paris, France), where he studied the elasto-capillary deformations of fibrous media under the effect of liquid droplets. Paul currently works as a postdoctoral fellow on the mechanics of flexible filaments in frictional contact with Prof. Pedro Reis at the Laboratory of Flexible Structures (EPFL).

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