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Date and time 30.03.2020  
Category Call for proposal
Aim:  The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is the leading not-for-profit research cooperative that advances the science of water to protect public health and the environment. The Unsolicited Research Program supports WRF in its mission by funding research projects that can be the catalyst for transforming our understanding of our water resources and our ability to protect and preserve them in a sustainable and cost effective manner and to minimize impact on public health and the environment. WRF seeks pioneering research pre-proposals that will significantly advance knowledge and understanding in protection and enhancement of water quality or the water environment and that could fundamentally transform how WRF subscribers perform their work. WRF also considers pre-proposals that would take existing research to the next level of completion, resulting in practical solutions to water quality problems. Those with likelihood to advance knowledge and understanding, and provide relevant information for WRF Subscribers are invited to submit full proposals.

Funding:        max. $175’000

Duration:      project-specific

Eligibility: Any academic, consultant, or utility in good standing may submit. A minimum 25%of the total project value must be contributed to the project in the form of a cost-share and/or in-kind support or services.

How to Apply: The two-step application process begins with submission of a pre-proposal. The pre-proposal should contain a the WRF cover sheet, the main body of the proposal (≤ 3 pages), and resumes of the PI and any key personnel. Upon evaluation of the pre-proposals, a short list of proposers will be invited to submit full proposals for review and consideration. WRF will notify all proposers of the outcome of the selection process with regard to their pre-proposal submission. If invited to submit a full proposal, when preparing the budget indirect costs should be included at the institutional rate; for questions about EPFL’s overhead rates, contact the Research Office.

Deadline, Pre-proposal:   30-March-2020 (11:59 pm ET)
Deadline, Full proposal (by invitation):   10-July-2020

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