2020 CCMX Winter School “Nanoparticles: from fundamentals to applications in life sciences”


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Date and time 02.02.2020 07.02.202017:0012:00  
Speaker Featured speakers include Paul Bowen (EPFL), Ruth Schmid (Sintef), Peter Wick (Empa), Cordula Hirsch (Empa), Matthias Rösslein (Empa), Neill Liptrott (University of Liverpool), Marco Siccardi (University of Liverpool), Fanny Caputo (Sintef), Christophe Studer (Vareala), Gerrit Borchard (University of Geneva), Adriele Prina-Mello (Trinity College Dublin), Beat Flühmann (Vifor Pharma), Christoph Geers (AMI/NanoLockin), Sofiya Matviykiv (Empa) and Inge Herrmann (Empa.) 
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The CCMX Winter School will once again take place in Kandersteg, Switzerland and aims to bring together a group of no more than 24 PhD students from various research institutions. This course is designed to cover a series of important scientific aspects regarding the development, characterization and application of nanoparticles for medical applications and to provide an in-depth review of their corresponding fundamentals. It aims to offer a skill set relevant to the participants’ research projects and future careers.

Scientists highly recognized in their fields will cover important aspects, ranging from fundamentals in material synthesis and characterization via pre-clinical safety aspects and translational needs all the way to clinical challenges.

Presentations from small groups of participants and lectures will fill up the mornings and early evenings, while the afternoons are mostly left free for winter sports and networking. This course may be validated for 2 ECTS credits in the doctoral programs of EPFL, ETH Zurich and other universities after acceptance by the corresponding institution.


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