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Date 13.09.2021 26.11.2021  
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There are three main prizes Eni Awards for Energy Frontiers, Advanced Environmental Solutions and Energy Transition:

2022 Energy Frontiers Prize 1x EUR 200’000
The purpose of the Energy Frontiers Prize is to promote technological innovation in the field of renewable energy and relevant energy management and storage technologies aimed to the decarbonization of the energy systems.
The  Prize  consists  in  a  specially  struck  gold  medal  of  the  Italian  State  Mint  and  in  the  indivisible  sum  of  EUR 200’000, which will be awarded to the winning candidate  proclaimed by the Eni Award Organizing Committee within June 2022.

2022 Advanced Environmental  Solutions  Prize 1x EUR 200’000
The purpose of the Advanced Environmental  Solutions  Prize  is to enhance technological innovation for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources, such as land, air and water, the promotion of biodiversity and the preservation of natural capital,  in  order  to  accelerate  the  transition  towards  an  environmentally  sustainable  business  model; sustainable agriculture, resilient to climate change.

2022 Energy  Transition  Prize  1x EUR 200’000
The  Energy  Transition  Prize  aims  to promote  technological innovation and scientific knowledge  in order to reduce carbon footprint  during the transition  period  from  the current energy  production  system to  a  neutral  -  with  respect  to  environmental impact - one. In this time span, it will be necessary to improve energy efficiency in transport and in industrial processes,  and  to  promote  the  use  of  sustainable  and  economically  viable  technologies  for  the  capture, utilization and sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Deadline: 26 November 2021, 5 pm
Please note that, after 12 November 2021, 5 pm, the Scientific Secretariat won’t create new accounts.

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