7th Rencontres de l'EDAR: Science and Society


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Date 09.06.2023
Hour 09:0018:00
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language French, English
Les Rencontres de l’EDAR is the yearly EDAR event adressed to the Doctoral program in Architecture and Sciences of the City community.
The 2023 edition, entitled Science and Society, will invite doctoral students to reflect on the social and 'operational' value of research, referring to their own experience as young scholars – whether this experience is related to their phd dissertation or to other scientific activities they have been involved in.

In the domains of architecture and sciences of the city, research can have a social impact, for example, by transforming the socio-technical conditions of production of space, by provoking shifts in mentalities and imaginaries, or by critically assessing facts and data. As in other disciplinary domains, the ‘translation’ of scientific results into forms and languages that allow for their wide dissemination is also a main issue.

Debating on the social and operational value of EDAR research seems to us particularly appropriate in a context where “serving all sectors of our society” is a priority mission of EPFL, and where the SNF is explicitly committed to promoting the encounter between knowledge and society, both through ‘Agora’-type formats and by defending the principle of free access to research results – thus on the basis of an ethical principle that binds the scientist to the public that funds him.

Through the lens of Science and Society, the 7th Les Rencontres de l’EDAR will allow us to take a snapshot on this issue on EDAR and, at the same time, to consider it in the light of the social and scientifical mission both of EPFL, namely its doctoral research, and according to the nature of our disciplines, between human and social sciences and the sciences of engineer. The discussions will be fuelled by the testimonies of actors of the academic-scientific policy and of senior scholars who will lecture and talk presenting their positions on the topic.

9:00   Welcome Coffee

9:30   INTRODUCTION: Elena Cogato Lanza (EDAR) and Nicola Braghieri (LAPIS)

10:00 KEYNOTE: Charles Kleiber, ancient Swiss Secretary for Education and Research: Le travail de la vérité

10:20 KEYNOTE: Emmanuelle Giacometti, Director of  Espaces des Inventions, SNF Agora former panel member: Science Communication, why and how?

10:40  DEBATE

12:00  Lunch Break

13:15-14:45 SESSION 1: PhD Students, Pier Vittorio Aureli (TPOD), and Charles Kleiber

Chloé Joly-Pottuz (Far), Timber Rapa Nui
Yegor Vlasenko (Lab-U), From the ‘floating borders’ to ‘parcellized recovery’? A commentary on relevance of horizontality and collectivity in the public discourse on post-war rebuilding of Ukraine
Marie Bertrand (Lasur), Contributing to the ecological transition through participatory democracy in urban sociology
Pier Vittorio Aureli (Tpod), Architecture and Typological Research

14:45  Coffee Break

15:15-16:45 SESSION 2: PhD Students, Mathias Lerch (URBDEMO) and Charles Kleiber

Eloi Bernier (Lasur), Between the right and duty to mobility: discussion of suitable motility for professional integration
Vitor Pessoa ColomboAkuto Akpedze Konou (Ceat), Recherche en santé urbaine: aller au delà de la dimension physique de l'espace construit
Mathias Lerch (Urbdemo), Providing expertise and contributing to capacity building


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  • EDAR Doctoral Program in Architecture and Sciences of the City