Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Methods for Coatings: Strain, Defects and Deformation Analysis of Thin Films


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Date 22.11.2023 24.11.2023
Speaker Prof. Dr. Alex Domman, Prof. Dr. Antonia Neels, Dr. Aurelio Borzì
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Today, coatings are used in many applications for decorative or / and functional purposes. In functional coatings, the surface properties of the substrates such as adhesion, corrosion or wear resistance can be changed. In semiconductor device fabrication, the coating adds completely new properties such as electrical conductivity, magnetic or optical responses. This course uses X-ray Diffraction techniques (XRD) to investigate the structural properties of coatings obtained by different deposition methods.

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x-ray diffraction

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