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Date 29.09.2023
Category Call for proposal
Aim:  The aim of this call is to further develop and validate established biomarkers for which there is a clear clinical need in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. This call prioritizes biomarkers with a defined context of use, a clear advantage over other relevant biomarkers, and a path to commercialization and/or clinical use.

Specifically, this call focuses on:
  • developing novel PET ligands for clinical use
  • supporting novel CSF biomarkers
  • Validating innovative MRI approaches in larger cohorts
  • Developing novel measures of functional activity such as EEG

Novel biomarkers of neuroinflammation, synaptic integrity, autophagy and TDP-43 are high priority. Other target areas of interest include:
  • Neuronal loss
  • Vascular injury and blood-brain barrier integrity
  • Mitochondria and metabolic function
  • Protein misfolding
  • Oxidative stress
  • White matter changes
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Other novel targets supported by compelling biological rationale and connection to disease

Funding:       max. $600,000

Duration:      1 year

Eligibility: Funding is open to researchers and clinicians worldwide at academic medical centers and universities or nonprofits. Industry partnerships are encouraged.

How to Apply: Deadlines for proposal submissions occur three times per year. Applications are reviewed in a two-step process: Letters of Intent (LOIs) are the first step, and should be submitted on the ADDF Funding Portal. ADDF’s science team will evaluate LOIs to determine whether the proposed project is consistent with the ADDF's mission and funding priorities. LOI decisions will be sent within three weeks of submission. Step 2 is an invited full proposal, which should include a detailed project narrative, budget and justification, and biographical information.  When formulating the budget, note that the following costs are not covered: Indirect costs/Overhead, Publication costs, Equipment, and Travel.

Winter Deadlines:              03-February-2023 (LOI)
                                               07-April-2023 (full proposal, by invitation)

Summer Deadlines:           19-May-2023 (LOI)
                                               28-July-2023 (full proposal, by invitation)

Autumn Deadlines:           29-September-2023 (LOI)
                                               01-December-2023 (full proposal, by invitation

Further information
  • More information about the program is available here
  • Detailed application instructions are here
  • The application portal can be found here
  • For any other questions, please contact the Research Office


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