Besicovitch 1/2 Conjecture and Linear Programming


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Date 15.03.2024
Hour 14:15
Speaker Dr. Federico Glaudo (IAS-Princeton)
Category Conferences - Seminars
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In 1928 Besicovitch formulated the following conjecture: if E is a Borel subset of the plane with finite length and its length is more than 1/2 of its diameter in all sufficiently small disks centered at its points, then E is rectifiable.
The value 1/2 cannot be lowered and Besicovitch himself showed that the statement holds if 1/2 is replaced by 3/4. His bound was improved by Preiss and Tiser in the nineties to ~0.732. 
In this talk, I will report on further progress stemming from a joint work with Camillo De Lellis, Annalisa Massaccesi, and Davide Vittone. Besides improving substantially the bound of Preiss and Tiser, our work uncovers a connection with a class of linear programming problems.

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  • Prof. Maria Colombo

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