Beyond High Tech Low Tech / ARCHIZOOM


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Date 12.03.2024 13.05.2024
Speaker Sophie Dars (Accattone Magazine) 
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English
New exhibition!
Opening Monday 11 March. 6.30 p.m.

The exhibition stems from the consideration that any building designed according to the currently dominant architectural principles is ‘zombie’, non-living, as it is based on technologies and energies that will soon be exhausted or too costly for the planet. This zombie perspective invites us to reconsider the way we approach architecture, to ‘de-project’ it by reappropriating the tools of thinking and doing. 

By taking technology out of the ghost of innovation, the exhibition looks at techniques that emerge from hybrid, localised, living cultures, based on knowledge and skills – between engineer and bricoleur – that are transferred and contaminated across disciplines and social groups. Neither high-tech nor low-tech, these experiments represent a sample of minoritarian but fertile approaches that can help us to rethink our relationship with the built environment and architectural practice.

Guest curator
Sophie Dars (Accattone magazine) 
with the participation of Carlo Menon
Archizoom curator
Roxane Le Grelle 
with the collaboration of Solène Hoffmann

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  • Roxane Le Grelle, Solène Hoffmann


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