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  Friday 25 January 2019 09:00 - 12:30 CO 120

Brave inclusion of diversity and giving opportunities to all students is the classroom

By Mira Vogel works as an educational developer in King's Academy, King's College London. Her mixed background includes an undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature, a doctorate in web-based health promotion, and educational development roles in four University of London institutions. For many years her focus on digital education required her to interpret EU Equality legislation with a particular emphasis on disability. Then the first decade of the millennium saw the emergence of free and open online courses - but their strong rhetoric of liberation coupled with their sky-high drop-out rates prompted many other questions about inclusion. Meanwhile - because of global aspirations, several attainment gaps, the regulatory imperative to widen participation, and the moral imperative to do the right thing - inclusion has become a major concern for UK higher education institutions. From 2016 at University College London she has co-chaired 'Liberating the Curriculum', a working group set up to promote inclusion in curricula and pedagogies, through events and small project grants. When she moved to King's College London in 2018 this partnership continued, taking shape in a web resource for practitioners called 'Liberating Our Curricula', collaboratively authored by the local educational development community. At King's a large part of her role is working on our 'Learning and Teaching Programme' for new teaching staff, in which the aim is to foreground practices and principles of equitable representation,  participation and opportunities to succeed. She particularly liaise with Arts and Humanities, disciplines which often require educators to respond to frictions and silences in ways which value free expression, students' agency, and inclusion.

From this seminar you will learn about the developments which have enabled the main UK higher education institutions to develop inclusive digital education curricula.
This is also an opportunity to learn practices and share ideas on how to successfully manage participation equally and inclusively.

Organization Centre d'appui à l'enseignement, CAPE

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