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Date 19.03.2024 04.06.2024
Category Call for proposal
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Open Fields Lunches
Meetings on Urbanization and Interdisciplinarity
The Habitat Research Center is pleased to ‘open’ its three research fields to discussion during three lunch seminars: Healthy Habitats, Landscape Habitatsand Productive Habitats.
Offering opportunities for interdisciplinary discussions around urbanization, the Open Fields Lunches aim to foster new collaborations within the EPFL scientific community.
Each meeting will be moderated by a member of the HRC or its affiliated laboratories and will consist of a presentation by an international expert in the field, followed by presentations by two EPFL researchers interested in sharing and discussing their research. The seminar will conclude with a debate open to all the lunch participants.

Interested in presenting your research during one of the three lunches?
Submit your contribution

by sending a short abstract 
(max. 200 words) to [email protected]
Presentations should be no longer than 12-15 minutes.

Save the date
Tuesday 9th April 2024     
Landscape Habitats
Deadline to submit proposals: 19th March 2024
Tuesday 7th May 2024      
Healthy Habitats
Deadline to submit proposals: 16th April 2024
Tuesday 4th June 2024      
Productive Habitats
Deadline to submit proposals: 12th May 2024

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