Calls for Proposals from the JU EU-Rail (Europe’s Rails)


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Date 23.06.2022  
Category Call for proposal

Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) is established by Council Regulation (EU) 2021/2085 of 19 November 2021. It is the new European partnership on rail research and innovation established under the Horizon Europe programme (2020-2027) and the universal successor of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Call Topics
The type of project for all these topics is Innovation Action (IA). The granting authority can fund a maximum of one project per topic.

A sustainable and green rail system

  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA4-01
  • EU contribution per project: 33.8 M€

Sustainable Competitive Digital Green Rail Freight Services
  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA5-01
  • EU contribution per project: 40.6 M€

Regional rail services / Innovative rail services to revitalise capillary lines
  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA6-01
  • EU contribution per project: 16.5 M€

Intelligent & Integrated asset management
  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA3-01
  • EU contribution per project: 46.3 M€

Digital & Automated up to Autonomous Train Operations
  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA2-01
  • EU contribution per project: 54.3 M€

Network management planning and control & Mobility Management in a multimodal environment and Digital Enablers
  • HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA1-TT-01
  • EU contribution per project: 38 M€

Eligibility: Swiss organizations can be part of the project of this institutionalized partnership EU-Rail through the EUropean Rail Operating community Consortium (EUROC), which the Swiss Federal Railways belong to. The Swiss funding is provided by the Swiss government via SERI.

How to Apply: Detailed topic description, conditions and documents are found with the links above.

Deadline: 23 June 2022 (5:00 pm CET)

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