CANCELLED: PChem Seminar: "Exploring Fast Chemistry in Aqueous Nanodrops with Mass Spectrometry"


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Date 12.03.2020
Hour 17:1519:15
Speaker Prof Evan WILLIAMS, UC Berkeley, USA
Category Conferences - Seminars

Exploring Fast Chemistry in Aqueous Nanodrops with Mass Spectrometry

Prof. Dr. Evan R. Williams
Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

A virtually unlimited variety of molecules that are confined in gaseous aqueous nanodrops of various sizes can be produced with electrospray ionization. The chemistry inside these nanodrops can be monitored using an assortment of mass spectrometry based methods. Rapid mixing experiments using theta-glass capillaries can be used to probe fast reactions, including protein folding, on time-scales that are significantly faster than possible to achieve using conventional mixing apparatus. Rapid temperature jump experiments combined with ion mobility can catch short-lived folding intermediates that provide unique insights into protein folding/unfolding pathways. Reaction times as short as one microsecond can be achieved using thousands of times less material than that required using conventional mixing apparatus.
Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of small ion-containing aqueous nanodrops reveals effects of ion confinement and provides new information about the length scale at which ions can affect the hydrogen-bonding network of water molecules. Precise thermochemical measurements can be made using a newly calibrated ion nanocalorimetry method. Accurate electrochemical red-ox potentials that cannot be measured using conventional methods can be obtained and ultimately used to establish an absolute electrochemical scale that is based entirely on experimental measurements.


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