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Date 21.03.2024
Hour 17:1518:00
Speaker Bahar Uzum Patricia Willi Margarida Bessa Marques  
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Tech women in banking - A virtual panel answering all your questions

You did never consider a career in finance? Maybe this will change your perspective.
In this livestream, we will introduce you to 2 women with tech background at Vontobel who drive the company forward in their own way.
The two stand at different points in their career trajectory and will answer your most asked questions: from career development, interview preparation over their day-to-day.
This is exciting because you will gain the perspective of a tenured colleague in a leadership position, as well as a colleague who has now kick-started her career.
Send them your questions, join the livestream & get inspired!

Vontobel will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. They provide financial advice to institutional and private clients, financial intermediaries and family offices. Vontobel is one of the pioneers in the sustainable finance industry and will continue its innovative, sustainable and long-term vision on providing financial services for the next 100 years to come!

Learn more about Vontobel during this Career Live Stream and don’t hesitate to ask any questions to learn how you can become a part of their team!

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