CESS Seminar : Reuse and repurpose applications for end-of-life large scale wind turbine blades


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Date 17.11.2023
Hour 12:0013:00
Speaker Prof. Robert Böhm (HTWK Leipzig)
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
In order to establish a circular economy in accordance with the EU's "Green Deal", closed material cycles must be established in lightweight engineering for components made of fibre reinforced polymers (FRR), such as wind turbine rotor blades or aircraft components. This is accompanied by the demand for reuse of the FRP, for which various approaches are proposed, including reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose or recycling (R6 strategy). While numerous recycling processes have been scientifically and technologically investigated in recent years, relevant questions regarding the reuse or repair of large FRP structures remain largely unanswered. The presentation discusses first approaches to overcome the current deficits. Relevant topics include: (i) how can end-of-life (EoL) structures be dismantled ?, (ii) what are the properties of FRPs when they reach the EoL phase and how should damage within the structures be handled ?, and (iii) what challenges have to be tackled during reuse / repurpose conception ? The presentation will also show several interesting examples.

Short bio
Prof. Böhm received his Diploma in Civil Engineering from TU Dresden (Germany) in 2001 and his PhD in Composite Material Science in 2008 (TU Dresden, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology). After a Post-Doc period, he habilitated in 2017 on damage tolerant design of composite structures. Since 2020 he is Full Professor for Composite Lightweight Engineering at HTWK Leipzig, Germany. He is Executive Board Member of the Lightweight Alliance Saxony and Member of several national and international research clusters. He received the IAAM Award “Advancement of Materials” from the International Association of Advanced Materials (Sweden) in 2020 and the Dresden Excellence Award by the City of Dresden and the TU Dresden in 2017. Prof. Böhm works on multifunctional composites, experimental diagnostics of composites, modelling and simulation of composites with the focus on damage, and on the development of conventional and renewable, resource-efficient composite materials.


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  • Prof. Olga Fink (IMOS), Prof. Alexandre Alahi (VITA), Prof. Dusan Licina (HOBEL), Prof. Alain Nussbaumer (RESSLab)


  • Prof. Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos