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Challenges for an innovative Society: crossing perspectives between Politics, Academics and Industry


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Date and time 29.10.2019 08:1519:00  
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Université Libre de Bruxelle
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Category Conferences - Seminars

This one-day conference aims to reflect on the challenges brought by technological change and to identify possible solutions.

The following themes have been identified as particularly relevant:

  • Competitiveness: Reflections on globalization and how to remain competitive in a changing and globalized environment.
  • Digitalization: New technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are going to revolutionize production modes. What are the issues for employees and firms?
  • Education: How should our educational system evolve to prepare students and active workers for technological change?
  • Innovation: How to promote the emergence of new business models?
  • Technology transfer: What are the obstacles to technology transfer from the academic world to the industrial world?
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