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  Tuesday 6 March 2018 12:15 - 13:00 DIA 005

Challenges in Smart Sensor Systems

By Lucas Tschuor

Abstract: The trend towards integration of microsensors in a broad variety of devices and contexts is flourishing. This trend results in abundant product innovations striving to bring value to applications. Many of these innovations are dominantly triggered by progress in sensor miniaturization. In particular, monolithic sensor systems comprising the sensor element and signal processing on a single chip provide high functional densities. The challenges for the innovation and development of such smart sensor systems and examples for their implementation in cutting-edge applications are illustrated.
Bio: Mr. Lucas Tschuor is Head of Field Application Engineering at Sensirion. He has joint Sensirion in 2012 and gained extensive experience in sensor technology and customer engineering for a wide range of markets such as automotive, medical and consumer business. He has a strong background in innovation, project and customer management and his interest spans from emerging technologies to novel applications. He received a master degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Lausanne in 2005. After his master degree he focused on the European Startup Network and build up a startup company in Madrid, Spain followed by a position as R&D Engineer at Siemens. He was also a lecturer in microcontroller programming at the National University of Singapore.

This seminar is part of the Master's class MICRO534, Advanced MEMS and Microsystems, and is open to the informed public.

Organization Niels Quack

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