Characterization of Materials Summer School


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Date 22.08.2023 25.08.2023
Speaker Emad Oveisi (EPFL), Marco Cantoni (EPFL), Pascal Schouwink (EPFL), Harald Brune (EPFL), Mira Dimitrievska (Empa), Veronique Michaud (EPFL), Anna Igual (EPFL)
Category Conferences - Seminars
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This course provides an overview of different techniques and applications of materials characterization available to scientists and engineers. Lectures will provide a brief introduction to the underlying theory, discuss relevant applications and the limitations of a given technique. Hands-on experience in the lab will allow students to see the methods in action, potentially with their own samples, giving them a well-rounded introduction to the technique. It is open to participants with a basic background in materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, microtechnology or physics, from both industry and academia.

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Characterization SEM X-ray Raman TEM STM Rheology Corrosion Tribology

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