Chemical control of cellular signaling


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Date 01.12.2020
Hour 16:1517:30
Speaker Prof. Christina Woo, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, USA.
Category Conferences - Seminars
About the speaker:

 The Woo lab draws from the fields of chemical biology, organic synthesis, and mass spectrometry to understand small molecule activity in the proteome. We seek to develop and apply chemical proteomic methods to study the interactions of therapeutics, natural products, and metabolites within the cellular proteome. In parallel, we develop synthetic access to unique chemical scaffolds followed by identification of their protein targets and functional relationship to biological outcome. Studies from the Woo laboratory will have implications in drug discovery, synthetic methods, and new mechanisms by which small molecules influence biological systems.
Christina joined the CCB faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2016. She obtained her B.A. from Wellesley College (2008), followed by her Ph.D. from Yale University (2013) under the guidance of Professor Seth Herzon on the synthesis and chemical biology studies of the diazofluorene antitumor antibiotics. She completed a Jane Coffin Childs postdoctoral fellowship at University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University (2016) with Professor Carolyn Bertozzi in the area of chemical glycoproteomics. Christina is the recipient of a Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI fellowship (2015).


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