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  Tuesday 12 February 2019 14:00 BSP 727

Cooperation and conflict: from robots to microbial communities

By Prof. Sara Mitri, Département de Microbiologie Fondamentale, Université de Lausanne

In its most intuitive form, natural selection predicts the survival of the fittest - competition and conflict between individual organisms. But cooperation is widespread in nature, from microbes to humans. I am interested in understanding the emergence and stability of cooperation and competition, and when each is predicted to arise. I will start by briefly presenting work from my PhD where we used robots to study the evolution of communication. I will then switch model systems and talk about interactions in single species of bacteria, then multi-species bacterial communities.
Here, I will focus in more detail on our latest research using theory and experiments to study a four-species bacterial ecosystem capable of degrading liquid pollutants. We show that positive interactions that resemble cooperation are highly environment-dependent. I will then finish with an overview of ongoing projects in my group.


Organization Prof. Paolo De Los Rios, Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics, Institute of Physic and Institute of Bioengineering

Contact Céline Burkhard, Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics (LBS)

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