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Cooperation and conflict: from robots to microbial communities


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Date and time 12.02.2019 14:00  
Place and room
Speaker Prof. Sara Mitri, Département de Microbiologie Fondamentale, Université de Lausanne
Category Conferences - Seminars

In its most intuitive form, natural selection predicts the survival of the fittest - competition and conflict between individual organisms. But cooperation is widespread in nature, from microbes to humans. I am interested in understanding the emergence and stability of cooperation and competition, and when each is predicted to arise. I will start by briefly presenting work from my PhD where we used robots to study the evolution of communication. I will then switch model systems and talk about interactions in single species of bacteria, then multi-species bacterial communities.
Here, I will focus in more detail on our latest research using theory and experiments to study a four-species bacterial ecosystem capable of degrading liquid pollutants. We show that positive interactions that resemble cooperation are highly environment-dependent. I will then finish with an overview of ongoing projects in my group.

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