Cosmos Archaeology: Explorations in Time and Space


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Date 16.09.2022 05.02.2023  
Speaker Curated by Professor Sarah Kenderdine, Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+) and Professor Jean-Paul Kneib, Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO).
ART B0 110
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English
Turning data into sound and images, Cosmos Archaeology: Explorations in Time and Space embraces the scientific, artistic and human dimensions of space to transform the impenetrable abstractions of astrophysics into sensory and emotional experiences.

Cosmos Archaeology transcends the frontiers of art and science to render tangible the terabytes of abstract astrophysics data that constitute the human knowledge of the Universe. Fruit of a collaboration between EPFL’s Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO) and the Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+), the exhibition presents a series of installations in diverse mediums, from interactive real-time data to spherical visualization, and from immersive sound and video to 3D film, through to ceramics and kinetic sculpture. In their unique approaches, the 19 projects presented in the exhibition provide innovative ways to access the space-time continuum and plunge us into the depths and the history of the Universe, making us all archaeologists of the cosmos.

EPFL Laboratory for Experimental Museology: Sarah Kenderdine (conceptual design of installations), Sylvain Cardin (project management, Dark Cloud of Debris technical integration), Giacomo Alliata (Space Heroes), Hadrien Gurnel (SKA SimulatorThe Dynamic Universe), Samy Mannane (Cosmic CollisionsSKA Simulator), Loïc Serafin (Cosmic CollisionsSKA SimulatorSpace Time Elastic)
EPFL Laboratory of Astrophysics: Ricardo Araújo (Army of Robots), Florian Cabo (Archaeology of LightThe Dynamic UniverseVirtual Orbital Visit), Austin Peel (Space Time Elastic), Georgios Vernardos (Space Time Elastic)
EPFL Pavilions: Laurent Novac (Space Time ElasticVirtual Orbital Visit), Nikolaus Völzow (Cosmic Collisions)

Artists: Simone Aubert, Pascal Bettex, Lily Hibberd, Anna Hoetjes, Theodore Kruczek (, Project Adrift (Cath Le Couteur et Nick Ryan), Quadrature (Juliane Götz et Sebastian Neitsch), Florian Voggeneder.

Scientific Partners: ClearSpace, EPFL Astrobots, EPFL Cultural Heritage and Innovation Centre, European Space Agency,, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Square Kilometre Array Observatory

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