Del Duca Foundation – 2024 Scientific Grand Prize on Seeing Living Systems


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Date 15.02.2024
Category Call for proposal
Aim: Biological research relies on a range of technologies. Of these technologies, direct imaging forms a principal component. The advent of the ‘resolution revolution’ in cryo-electron microscopy has paved the way for the determination of previously unattainable three-dimensional structures such as those of membrane proteins, large multi-protein complexes and more. Furthermore, it has allowed for visualisation of cellular processes such as mRNA translation by ribosomes or the replication of the flu virus. More recently, cryo-electron tomography has enabled high-resolution visualisation of structures present within bacteria or cells. At lower resolution, optical microscopy has also made important advances in the analysis of macromolecular complexes in vivo. Fluorescent labelling of specific cellular components provides a means to follow cellular interactions in real time, for example during the infection of human cells by foreign invaders, interactions between T-cells and tumours or the migration of cells during development and organogenesis.

This prize will reward a team which has made significant advances by taking advantage of the latest imaging technologies and will present a project concerning the visualisation of phenomena which are as yet “unseen”.

Duration:      not communicated

Funding:        EUR 275,000 as follows:
a) 200,000 € to finance the project.
b) 25,000 € awarded to the principal investigator (PI) of the research group.
c) 50,000 € (maximum amount paid upon presentation of supporting documents) for hiring one French or foreign postdoctoral researcher to be selected by the PI, in the two years following the attribution of the award.

Eligibility:    Open to French and European candidates

How to Apply: Applications (full requirements available here) should be sent via the online portal here.

Deadline:      15 February 2024

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  • More information about the call is available here
  • The application form can be found here
  • For any other questions, please contact the Research Office

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