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  Wednesday 1 May 2013 15:15 - 16:00 CM09

Determinants, Delooping and Reciprocity II

By Jesse Wolfson, Northwestern

Kapranov introduced determinantal theories for Tate spaces in his investigations of 1-dimensional Abelian Langlands correspondences and higher class field theory.  Given an idempotent complete exact category, we construct a universal determinantal theory and show that it realizes the K-theory of Tate spaces as a delooping of the K-theory of the exact category.  Time permitting, we connect this to the Tame symbol of higher class field theory and we sketch a new proof of Kato reciprocity using the determinant. This is joint work in progress with Braunling, Wolfson, Groechenig.

Organization Tamás Hausel

Accessibility General public

Admittance Free