Differentiating Discontinuities through Unidirectional Mesh-Walking


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Date 22.08.2022
Hour 14:1516:15
Speaker Ziyi Zhang
Category Conferences - Seminars
EDIC candidacy exam
Exam president: Prof. Mark Pauly
Thesis advisor: Prof. Wenzel Jakob
Co-examiner: Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk

We reviewed the problem of differentiating an
integral with discontinuities. We introduced several method
to estimate the numerical result, and further showcased their
applications in differentiable rendering by differentiating the
radiative transfer equation and the path-space radiance equation.

Background papers
(1) Bangaru, Sai Praveen, Tzu-Mao Li, and Frédo Durand. "Unbiased warped-area sampling for differentiable rendering." ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 39.6 (2020): 1-18.
Unbiased warped-area sampling for differentiable rendering
(2) Zhang, Cheng, et al. "Path-space differentiable rendering." ACM transactions on graphics 39.4 (2020).
Path-space differentiable rendering
(3) YANG, YUTING, et al. "A

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EDIC candidacy exam