Digital Identity Systems For Humanitarian Aid Distribution


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Date 01.11.2023
Hour 15:0017:00
Speaker Shailesh Mishra
Category Conferences - Seminars
DIC candidacy exam
Exam president: Prof. Carmela Troncose
Thesis advisor: Prof. Bryan Ford
Co-examiner: Prof. Katerina Argyraki

Humanitarian aid organizations (HAOs) have been serving millions of people every year and their prominence has grown in recent years because of the pandemic, wars, and natural disasters. While distributing aid among people, the HAOs aim to achieve equity to help the largest population possible. To achieve this goal, HAOs need to maintain details about aid distribution for every beneficiary. Digital identity systems can provide an efficient means to create and maintain such a record of aid distribution.

Hence, in this report, we discuss three foundational papers that will help us with designing a practical digital identity system. First, we discuss SumUp, a system that addresses the issue of sybil-resistance, which is pivotal for achieving equity in aid distribution. Then, we present a construct for Decentralized Anonymous Credentials, that provides a mechanism for issuing and verifying credentials in a privacy-preserving manner. This is an essential feature in an identity system as we cannot afford to leak information about people living in distressed regions. Lastly, we describe CanDID, a system that not only provides sybil-resistance and privacy but also presents mechanisms for accountability and key recovery. These features make a digital identity system more robust. We conclude by discussing the techniques which can be derived from each of the these works to design a digital identity system that is well-suited for a region being aided by an HAO.

Background papers
1. Tran, D. N., Min, B., Li, J., & Subramanian, L. (2009, April). Sybil-Resilient Online Content Voting. In NSDI (Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 15-28).
2. Garman, C., Green, M., & Miers, I. (2014). Decentralized anonymous credentials. In NDSS 2014.
3. Maram, D., Malvai, H., Zhang, F., Jean-Louis, N., Frolov, A., Kell, T., ... & Miller, A. (2021, May). Candid: Can-do decentralized identity with legacy compatibility, sybil-resistance, and accountability. In 2021 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP) (pp. 1348-1366). IEEE.

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