DOC.Days 2023, DAY 1 / EDAR


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Date 17.04.2023
Hour 13:0018:00
Speaker Tanguy Auffret-Postel (TEXAS)
Estefania M. Botias (ALICE)
Marcela Delgado (LDM)
Chloé Joly-Pottuz (FAR)
Ankita Singhvi (HERUS)
Adam R. Swietek (LEURE)  
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Doc.Days is an event organized to be an open space for discussion of theory, methods, and approaches among EDAR researchers. Diverting from the conventional Lab format, we would like to create a friendly environment where we could learn and enjoy our time together while getting to know each other’s research.
The event has received funding from EDOC and will consist of two days in April - Monday the 17th and Monday the 24th, during which PhD Candidates from First to Fourth Year will be presenting their research in 10 minutes. The topics are open, whether fieldwork results, a table of contents, a chapter, or simply a research question. Presentations are followed by feedback and discussion with professors within and outside of EPFL.
The event will start at 13:00 and end at 18:00 with an Apéro.

The lecture titled ' On Methodology'  by André Patro (YALE) and Valentin Bourdon (HRC-EPFL) recent EPFL PhD Graduates will close the event. 



Practical information

  • General public
  • Free


  • Anna Karla Almeida, Michela Bonomo, Phi Nguyen, Helena Roux

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