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Economic cycles, wealth accumulation and energy use by Prof. Robert U. Ayres


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Date and time 22.11.2018 12:0013:30  
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Speaker We are very pleased to welcome Robert U. Ayres at EPFL. INSEAD Emeritus Professor, Visiting Professor Chalmers University Gothenburg (Sweden), Professor Ayres joined INSEAD in 1992 as the first Chair of Management and the Environment, as well as the founder of CMER. He directed CMER from 1992-2000, when he retired. He remains an active member of INSEAD, producing numerous publications on topics ranging from Industrial Metabolisms and Industrial Ecology, through Environmental Policy and Technology Evaluation, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation, Environmental Economics, to Eco-restructuring.
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Professor Ayres will talk about an application of the theory of wealth discussed previously by Ayres and Martinas (see e.g. Ayres & Martinas 1996). His objective is to explain the “boom-bust” behavior of the economic system in a way that might be useful in the future for forecasting and policy purposes. He demonstrate a growth theory for wealth analogous to the Solow model, for a group of countries, normalized to the work of Piketty in monetary terms (Piketty et al. 2014). They also utilize and expand on the work of  Dincer and others (Dincer 2002), expressing aggregate wealth in physical (energy) terms, consistent with the ideas expressed nearly three centuries ago by the French physiocrats, later by Frederick Soddy (Soddy 1933) and more recently by a number of people with science backgrounds, including one of the authors.

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