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  Tuesday 15 May 2018 12:15 - 13:15 GR A3 32

EESS talk on "How to assess human toxicokinetics of inhaled solvent ?"

By Dr Myriam Borgatta, IST (Institut Universitaire romand de Santé au Travail), CHUV, Lausanne

Glycol ethers represent a global market of several million tones and are present in a wide range of consumer products for domestic and professional use. Depending on the purpose of use (e.g., cleaning, painting, cosmetics, etc.) these products contain a wide variety of chemical components, which can be easily inhaled. Millions of people, including children, are chronically exposed, intentionally or unintentionally, to glycol ethers, including propylene glycol derivatives. Propylene Glycol monoMethyl Ether (PGME, CAS no. 107-98-2) and Propylene Glycol monoButhyl Ether (PGBE, CAS no 5131-66-8), are among the five most used propylene glycol ether derivatives worldwide. However, alone or in mixture, the toxicological data of glycol ethers derived from propylene glycol are deficient. For instance, there are few or even a complete lack of human data regarding hematotoxicity and the endocrine system involved in reproduction for most glycol ethers, especially from the propylene glycol family. Moreover in Switzerland, there are no occupational exposure limits for the propylene glycol PGBE and the OELs for glycol ether, such as PGME, is based on irritation and CNS effects. The workers are thus exposed 8 hours a day to molecules with unknown effects. The aim of the study is to determine the toxicokinetics of PGME and PGBE (individually and in mixture) in healthy volunteers, and the potential hematotoxic and reprotoxic effects from these molecules.

Short biography:
Dr Myriam Borgatta has a broad scientific background spanning from a PhD in ecotoxicology, MAS in general toxicology, MSc in geosciences, intensive care nursing. She is currently using her scientific and clinical skills in occupational and environmental toxicology research at Institute for work and health (IST).

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