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Date and time 20.05.2019  
Category Call for proposal

The Swedish foundation Ekhagastiftelsen (Ekhaga foundation) was established in 1944 to support research in ecological agriculture and biological medicine.
Prioritized research areas:

  • Organic and biodynamic food production or other methods and orientations that promote this goal. Research on improved preparation and storage of food, as well as the analysis of food quality can receive support.
  • Role of the diet in the treatment of diseases and strengthening the body's resistance.
  • Physical impact and bodily functions of complementary medicine (e.g. integrative, biological or alternative medicine).
The foundation supports primarily applied research.
Basic research in areas such as, for example, molecular biology and genetic research can be supported if it clarifies causal relationships that can be considered to be of direct value for further research related to foundation's purpose.
Ekhagastiftelsen funds strategic and innovative projects of a pilot nature, as well as research that is highly newsworthy. It also supports participatory research projects, in which, for example, farmers and scientists work together to identify research questions and methods, and jointly evaluate the results.
Besides scientific research, Ekhagastiftelsen also supports, to a lesser extent, training activities, documentation projects, books, conferences or seminars.
Who can apply: applicants can be based at institutions (universities, colleges, research institutions, etc.) anywhere in the world. Note: your application has to be countersigned by the Dean of your School.
Funding & Duration: no upper or lower limit.
  • In 2018, the foundation awarded a total of SEK 12’825’000 (almost CHF 1.4 millions) to 15 projects.
  • Eligible costs: personnel costs, equipment, instruments, consumables, travel, conference, office and building space, financial management and IT systems. Does NOT cover overheads.
Deadline: 20 May 2019
For further information, please have a look at the call webpage, application guidelines, board of the foundation and supported projects.

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