Enhanced reflections in neural rendering of signed distance functions


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Date 15.06.2023
Hour 09:0011:00
Speaker Corentin Dumery
Category Conferences - Seminars
EDIC candidacy exam
Exam president: Prof. Wenzel Jakob
Thesis advisor: Prof. Pascal Fua
Co-examiner: Prof. Alexandre Alahi

While significant progress has been made in reconstructing 3D scenes, the ability to interpret and interact with the reconstructed environment remains a challenge. Neural implicit surfaces, in particular, have emerged as powerful tools for reconstruction but pose difficulties in handling and interpreting.

Our proposed approach focuses on addressing this challenge by incorporating semantic knowledge into neural radiance fields. By developing a framework that can infer and incorporate semantic information, we aim to enable systems such as autonomous robots to effectively make sense of the reconstructed scene and interact with it.

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EDIC candidacy exam