EPFL BioE Talks SERIES "Protein Homeostasis at the Single Cell Level"


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Date 08.03.2021
Hour 16:3017:00
Speaker Prof. David Suter, Institute of Bioengineering, EPFL, Lausanne (CH)
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars

(note that this talk is number two of a double-feature seminar - see details of the first talk here)

Protein expression levels depend on their rate of synthesis and degradation. Quantitatively understanding protein expression regulation at the single cell level requires to measure both rates simultaneously. We have recently developed a fluorescent timer-based approach that provides a quantitative readout of both synthesis and degradation of proteins in single live cells. By applying this tool to dozens of different protein-expressing genes, we determined how these rates vary over the cell cycle. We also discovered that protein synthesis and degradation rates are correlated at the single cell level, which allows to buffer protein expression level variability. We are currently exploring how different steps of gene expression cross-talk to allow coordinating protein synthesis and degradation rates.

David Suter studied medicine at the University of Geneva and obtained his medical diploma in 2004. He then graduated in 2007 with a PhD on embryonic stem cell differentiation and transgenesis in the laboratory of Karl-Heinz Krause. In 2008, he joined the Laboratory of Ueli Schibler at the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Geneva for a postdoctoral training. There, he developed a new technology allowing ultra-sensitive monitoring of transcriptional kinetics in single living cells by luminescence microscopy. In 2011, he became a post-doctoral fellow in the Laboratory of Xiaoliang Sunney Xie at Harvard University. Together with Christof Gebhardt, he developed a new technology allowing to visualize and measure the residence time of single molecules of transcription factors binding to DNA. In 2013 he became tenure track assistant professor at EPFL, and has been promoted to associate professor (with tenure) in 2020. David Suter's laboratory is developing quantitative approaches to study gene expression in single living cells, and applying those to understand the molecular bases of cell fate decisions.

Zoom link (with registration) for attending remotely: https://go.epfl.ch/EPFLBioETalks

IMPORTANT NOTICE: due to restrictions resulting from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this seminar can be followed via Zoom web-streaming only, (following prior one-time registration through the link above).

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