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Date 15.10.2022  
Category Call for proposal
Aim:  EPFL and Huawei are soliciting proposals from EPFL labs in all Schools on research in new techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud computing. Cloud service providers face rapidly growing demand driven by large increases in data and increased edge computing. The provider can no longer depend on exponential improvements in semiconductor performance to respond. This initiative seeks vertically integrated research across all the layers of the cloud stack to develop the techniques to construct more efficient next-generation clouds.

This initiative will support research by EPFL professors. The program runs for five years and will fund projects of 1–2-year duration with annual calls for proposals. Collaborative projects between labs are strongly encouraged. The research is covered by a Framework Cooperation Agreement that follows open-science and open-source principles.

Funding:       No set ceiling

Duration:       1-2 years

How to Apply: Interested applicants are invited to attend a virtual workshop on 15 September (08:45-16:00 CET) where past EPFL grantees will give testimonials, and new research topics for the current call will be presented.

Those interested in submitting a proposal can fill out a Statement Of Work template and send it by email to : epfl-hc-initiative [at] groupes.epfl.ch

Deadline:      15 October 2022

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