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EPFL Network Science: Foundations & Applications


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Date and time 07.06.2019  
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Speaker Ginestra Biancon, Ed Bullmore, Rowland Kao, Daniel Margulies, Eugenio Valdano, Pierre Vandergheynst, Kathryn Hess 
Category Conferences - Seminars

Network science has become a key discipline to model complex systems and study their emergent properties. While being rooted in applied mathematics, statistical physics, signal processing, and statistics, network science spinned off as a unique synergistic discipline. In addition, the availability of more quantitative data in many applications (in particular, neurosciences and biology) have led to unprecedented opportunities to formulate and answer new scientific questions. In this workshop, we will unite the top scientists in the field who will highlight the different perspectives brought by network science, highlighting both its foundations and most challenging applications

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