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  Thursday 18 October 2018 16:00 - 17:00 SV 1717

Exponential Ethics

By Dr Nicoletta Iacobacci

Science-fiction is becoming science-fact as emerging technologies are increasingly influencing our lives. We are experiencing progress like never before and it is already evident that our civilisation will change so much that its rules and technologies will be incomprehensible to the previous generation.
The lecture "Exponential Ethics" aims to create awareness for positive and not-so-positive consequences of emerging technologies. Its main goal is to enable a practical curiosity on exponentially growing techs, and prompt a much-needed conversation on technology, philosophy, and new ethical standards.  This will be the most pioneering decade in history. Exponential technologies will lead to exponential innovation. Ethics, then, must keep up with the exponential progress of technology. Contemporary philosophers should become proactive. They should support and push for ethics to leapfrog technological innovation—for ethics to be rebooted.We must strive to take this journey. We must stay conscious of the risks we’re facing. Most importantly, we must raise a call to action for openly discussing the social repercussions these technologies could have if left only to their “makers.”
We must pursue exponential ethics.

Nicoletta Iacobacci, PhD is an ethical influencer engaging executives, thinkers, artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and mainly students in conversations about ethics and emerging technologies. She’s a journalist and an international speaker. She’s the founder of, a platform for engaging reflections on consequences of exponential innovations. She currently serves as adjunct professor at Webster University Geneva, Switzerland and at Jinan University, in Guangzhou, China. She is a resident with Rockefeller Foundation, a curator of TEDx events, the Ambassador for Singularity University Geneva and the founder of the ethical framework for Hyperloop Transportation Technology.

Organization Prof. Gisou van der Goot

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