Festive Mosaic: The Formative Journey of Point Supreme


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Date 21.11.2021 25.11.2021  
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The exhibition Festive Mosaic presents the formative journey of Greek architects Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou, founder of Point Supreme, through Athens, London, Tokyo, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
Marianna and Konstantinos belong to the first generation of Greek architects to have access to the Erasmus program and, most importantly, the internet, whilst studying in Athens, the periphery of Europe. Born in the 70s, just after the end of the dictatorship, Marianna and Konstantinos witness Greece join the European Union in the 80s, begin their education when internet-cafés start popping-up in the 90s and move abroad when new technology transforms both architecture and Europe in the 2000s. United in their office named Point Supreme in 2008, Marianna and Konstantinos are inspired by all sorts of disciplines, such as fashion, cinematography, painting and music and rendered unique by the Greek and the Dutch lessons acquired during their complementary trajectories. 

Based on research by Irini Peraki, the exhibition, curated by Irini Peraki and Silvia Groaz, presents a selection of Point Supreme's archive, from their early university and paper projects, to their first built one.

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  • Irini Peraki Silvia Groaz

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