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Date 31.12.2022
Category Call for proposal

Since 1980, Fondation Leenaards supports people and institutions that are able to deploy creativity and innovation in the fields of culture, aging and biomedical science in the Lake Geneva region.

In the scientific field, Fondation Leenaards supports, among others, projects contributing to the dialogue between science and society, namely exhibitions and festivals organised by institutions, associations and foundations. In particular, the Foundation supports relevant and high quality one-off projects, based in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, allowing the public to learn about science issues. Priority is given to projects in the biomedical or general scientific fields, with multiplier effects in relation to the purpose of the Foundation.

It does not support strictly personal projects (thesis, scholarship, individual training, travel, etc.), charity and fund-raising events, the organisation of symposia or seminars, sponsorships and projects from a for profit organisation.

Who can apply: institutions, associations and foundations based in the Canton of Vaud and Geneva. Individual researchers are not eligible to apply. If interested, please contact EPFL’s Science Outreach Department.

Funding & Duration: no upper or lower limit.

  • Eligible costs: all project-related costs, excluding conference fees, construction, renovation, equipment and installation costs, overheads and other operating costs, capital formation and deficit coverage.
  • Co-funding from other sources is required.

Deadline: rolling call (apply 4 months before the beginning of your project)

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage.


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