From a controlled lab to the wild classroom: a pathway to mining and orchestrating a multi-touch classroom


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Date 08.10.2012
Hour 10:0012:00
Speaker Roberto Martinez is a PhD candidate in the Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group (CHAI) at the University of Sydney. His research area is Human-Computer Interaction, with a particular emphasis on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Educational Data Mining. His research interests include the application of data mining techniques to help understand how people learn, the use of computing for the future of the planet, and the combination of available technologies for capturing traces of collaboration and helping teachers to orchestrate their classroom through the use of interactive tabletops
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In a regular classroom or training setting, it is challenging for teachers to meet the needs of each student. Teachers do their best to manage their limited time and divide their attention focusing on the students who need closer coaching. As a result, some groups that needed support might be neglected. The use of multi-touch interactive tabletops in the classroom may afford the design of monitoring and controlling tools that can help the teacher to support students more effectively during and after the classroom sessions. This talk presents an overview of our ongoing pathway to design and apply a variety of data mining techniques and orchestrating tools to be used at a multi-tabletop classroom.

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