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  Sunday 13 August 2017 16:59 - 17:00


BREF – Brückenschläge mit Erfolg

The BREF funding programme, which is implemented in close collaboration with "swissuniversities – chamber of universities of applied sciences", has been focusing on the topic of social innovation since 2011. The annual calls for projects are aimed at members of universities of applied science who develop strong ideas that can also serve as models for new and promising cooperation ventures with partners from business and society. Thanks to their strong basis in practical application, universities of applied science have the specific potential to leverage social innovations.
Project managers interested in participating are recommended, prior to drafting an application, to contact the BREF coordination office and/or the management of Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

Submission deadlines: 13.08.2017
Funding: preference given to projects with a max. budget of CHF 300'000
Duration: 2 years
Support criteria:
  • The project is based at a university of applied sciences and has the express support of the university management;
  • It is geared to concrete needs and relevant problems;
  • It satisfies the standards of quality of the respective R&D field;
  • It is set up in a cross-functional and interdisciplinary way;
  • It entails the active involvement of "bridge" partners from the practical, social and business domains – the preparation of platforms alone does not satisfy this requirement.
Specificities: Please contact the Research Office to obtain the commitment letter for this call (requested from GR Stiftung)

For more information and application : Please have a look at the Gebert Rüf Stiftung's website.

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