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Date 29.05.2024
Hour 12:0013:30
Speaker Nicolas Senn is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at Unil. He also heads the Department of Family Medicine at Unisanté, where he is responsible for teaching and research in family medicine. He currently develops research projects linked to the organization of health systems and questions of the environmental sustainability of healthcare services. From this perspective, he is interested in better understanding how environmental considerations such as global warming or biodiversity loss could be integrated into healthcare services, what influence this might have on the practice of medicine and more generally on the socio-ecological transformation of the society.
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The Green Academy is back! The School of Life Sciences and SV Sustainability are pleased to host Nicolas Senn for a seminar on the sustainability of health research and the healthcare system.

How do we bring our health system within planetary boundaries?
Human beings and societies are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of the climate and biodiversity crises. In this seminar, we will explore the complex links between our environment and our health, through the framework of Planetary Health. We will first learn about the effects of climate change on our bodies, define what a sustainable healthcare system would mean, and explore avenues for the profound transformation that is required.

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  • SV Sustainability is a unit of the SV Deanship that works to reduce the environmental impact of life sciences research laboratories and to raise awareness on climate change and sustainability issues.



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