IEM Seminar Series: The Tangled Tree of Technology


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Date 19.05.2022
Hour 16:1517:00
Speaker Marco Casale-Rossi, OOP (Office of the President), Synopsys, Inc.
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Abstract: Charles Darwin’s “tree of life” is a model used to represent the “vertical evolution”: in Darwin’s “tree of life”, each new generation inherits the parental traits, the strongest, most favorable traits sprout, while the weakest become extinct.
There is a “tree of technology” too. In truth, there are many; among the most notable are CMOS, and xPU. In these “trees of technology”, each new generation inherits the parental traits, unchanged, unchallenged, just smaller (CMOS) or bigger (xPU), an artificial Galapagos Islands ecosystem.
Darwin’s “tree of life” has been challenged by UIUC Prof. Carl Woese, an “evolutionary biologist”, who proposed a more “tangled tree of life”, in which gene transfer, and therefore evolution happens both vertically (VGT), slowly, generation after generation of one organism, and horizontally (HGT), rapidly, across [even radically] different organisms. Over the last four billion years, there have been several bursts of horizontal evolution, among which the “Cambrian explosion”, when practically all major phyla started appearing in the fossil record.
In this talk, I propose that we are at the dawn of a technological “Cambrian explosion”; that we must challenge the established “trees of technology”; that only the entanglement of many [even radically] different “trees of technology” will allow us to leapfrog the fundamental, physical limits that CMOS and xPU, are hitting against.
Bio: Marco Casale-Rossi has joined Synopsys in 2005, after 20 years at STMicroelectronics Central R&D. Over the last 15+ years, Marco has contributed building Synopsys vision of the design and technology roadmap, most recently as a member of the Office of the President.

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  • IEM Institute, Prof. G. De Micheli