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IGM Colloquium: On the shape of water


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Date and time 28.05.2019 12:1513:15  
Place and room
Speaker Prof. David Quéré, ESPCI & École Polytechnique, Paris, France
Category Conferences - Seminars
While water and liquids at large are sometimes defined as materials without proper shape, surface tension at small scale dominates gravity and imposes special configurations - such as spheres. We’ll discuss how the control of the shape of water allows us to induce special properties - such as reduced friction, fast bouncing, anti-fogging and propulsion.
David Quéré is a physicist interested in soft matter and fluid mechanics - with a particular interest in interfacial hydrodynamics. He shares his time between the lab (with a group of remarkable PhD students), his teaching duties (Polytechnique, mainly, but also Tsinghua in China), and companies (Saint-Gobain and Sanofi, for instance). His research is mainly based on natural observations and applied questions.

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IGM Colloquium: On the shape of water